What’s in the blocks?

Units of Trust vs. Units of Work

We have concepts of money, currency, store of value, credit, IOU, commodity, etc. Each is an abstraction of how we measure value together, and the tools we use to express that value.

In hindsight, fiat mostly functions as a unit of trust. It is centrally issued and its issuance and…

When a person receives rare information, he may utilize it, curate it, arbitrage it, or discard it. Those wishing to arbitrage ignorance about Bitcoin are assuming the role of The Greatest Fool.

Armed with his charm and his heavy bag of shitcoins, he led the lads to the ledge.

The Greatest Fool is racing against the propagation of best-information & understanding in hopes of selling counterfeit opportunities…

Front Design

The #LNTRUSTCHAIN was a social phenomenon where Bitcoin’s most active and lovable personalities demonstrated the power of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network by passing small amounts of Bitcoin to each other in a “trust chain.”

You can click here to purchase your #LNTRUSTCHAIN shirt by paying with Bitcoin, Lightning, and other methods.

The #LNtrustchain sparked many into learning how to use the software and captured the attention of some Bitcoin’s biggest names.

This line of clothing was designed by John Carvalho (BitcoinErrorLog) to commemorate this historical event. ALL profits will be donated to further development and proliferation of Lightning Network technology!

John Carvalho

Bitcoin Game Theory & Strategy

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