What does “transition” mean? It’s obvious that the only time you listen to your customers and care about the core values of crypto is when your arm is twisted to the point of breaking.

This campaign to stop using your product will never end until your reign does. Stop feeding shit like BAT to your customers as if it is an investment. Stop fighting Bitcoin tech advancement. Stop polluting blockchains with negligent batching. Stop proactively kicking off customers despite no legal requirement to do so. Stop leaning on coinalytics beyond what the law requires. Stop acquiring garbage like Earn and Neutrino and start supporting Bitcoin development like you said you would. REAL Bitcoin development, not fucking scams like Bcash that allow insider trading.

If you don’t clean up your act, Bitcoin will bend you into submission, one way or another. In Bitcoin, your reputation will haunt you or help you forever. It is probably too late for you, but you may as well try.


Bitcoin Game Theory & Strategy

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