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We’re a stealth-mode Bitcoin company, focused on researching, designing, and developing applications that leverage Bitcoin and P2P networks to create an independent alternative digital economy where users can operate in a self-sovereign, user-centric paradigm.

We are creating platforms to incentivize and facilitate Bitcoin adoption, self-custody, digital autonomy, and circular economy by providing new utility to Bitcoin users.

We are a remote team, working with a coalition of independent engineers and businesses to bring new integrated products to Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, and other Bitcoin layers and blockchain-agnostic P2P technologies.

You will be part of a dynamic, multi-faceted team, and have the chance to help shape the direction of a suite of Bitcoin-integrated applications.

Product Manager

  • Location: Remote
  • Salary: Based on experience, be prepared to communicate your requirements

We have several job titles for this role, as all of our projects are for our products and product strategies. We have 6 concurrent products in development, with overlapping teams, and more will be added next year. This means we have some flexibility in which type of manager we accept, and that we may choose to hire two instead of one at this time.

You will work with the engineering, design, legal, and management teams to execute our business and product strategies across our various products and services.

You will take ultimate responsibility for several projects at varying stages of development. You will report to the CEO and contribute to the planning and implementation of multiple projects. You will manage release cycles, sprints, and help to enforce and guard our overarching vision across products.

The ideal candidate is an expert cross-functional collaborator, with the ability to balance and communicate priorities across multiple business teams and organize and maintain a roadmap. You will need to have or develop a deep understanding of the various aspects of the Bitcoin landscape, including bleeding edge “reckless” protocols and how to apply them.


  • Previous working experience as a PM for 3+ years
  • Excellent time-management and organizational habits, and the ability to develop these habits in the teams you join.
  • Self-starter attitude, strong problem solving skills and sense of responsibility.
  • Strong communication skills, and the ability to produce concise reports ongoing to management covering progress of projects, with an aim to improving decision-making on business strategy and product development.
  • Comprehensive understanding of project management methodologies and best practices, and experience implementing fast-moving, large teams.
  • Ability to quickly comprehend new technologies
  • Direct experience integrating and applying Bitcoin, Lightning Network, P2P network protocols, and other applied cryptography is ideal, but not wholly required, depending on experience.
  • Strong project management skills and ability to work across different product teams
  • Solid organizational skills, attention to detail, and proven ability to manage multiple initiatives and priorities with competing timelines
  • Team-oriented, collaborative and demonstrated willingness to roll up sleeves and get into the weeds of a project.
  • Interest in guiding a product from its current state as an MVP through to maturity
  • Has managed engineering teams, designers, and collaborated with other product people
  • Agile mindset to improve iteratively, rather than placing big long term bets
  • Strong customer empathy and experience shaping product direction and execution based on customer needs


  • Assure multiple product life cycles flow from discovery, research, design, development, quality assurance, launch, and iteration
  • Discover processes that bring the most out of our team and multi-team/product environment
  • Anticipate, isolate, and alleviate gaps in communication or workflow that may slow progress
  • Maintain and lead a multi-year roadmap in accordance with company strategy and vision
  • Assist an exceptional engineering team to innovate, invent, implement and deploy complex software solutions
  • Discover, prioritize, and write requirements for new product features
  • Align project objectives with company goals, and make sure the project team is clear on objectives. Act as the voice of the product team and key stakeholders in their absence
  • Engage with new and existing integration partners to assist in scoping new features and supporting existing features
  • Monitor and manage scope
  • Manage all documentation, project tracking and reporting within the product team and cross-functionally where necessary
  • Assist in showcasing functionality to stakeholders (e.g. marketing and support) as deliverables are finished and features are prepared for launch

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